The Reitan Group

Reitangruppen (The Reitan Group) – is one of the largest companies in Norway. We work hard and continuously to reach our vision of becoming the most value-driven company. This is achieved through cultivating the different business ideas in our different concepts, and by maintaining and amplifying a culture that has the customer as the ultimate boss. Our values govern everything we do – and they define who we are.

We have a competence environment, which is dominated by co-workers who have strong inner values, and who have in-depth knowledge about their areas of responsibility. That is why our employees are their own decision makers. It is paramount that our competence environment is characterized by solidarity, respect and the mutual wish for success. These we find to be key factors in a profitable enterprise.

The values and culture of Reitangruppen are taken care of in every aspect of our business: Real Estate, Energy & Fuel, Grocery and Convenience. We run our business simply and efficiently, and we want our co-workers to maintain focused on their passion for work and creativity. This way they can concentrate on their tasks and chores – what they really want to do. This is the number one reason why franchising and partnership are fundamentals in our business and our business philosophy.

Reitangruppen comprises five business areas: REMA 1000, Reitan Convenience, Reitan Eiendom (Reitan Real Estate), Uno-X Energi (Uno-X Energy), and Reitan Kapital. Reitangruppen’s head office is at Lade Gaard in Trondheim, Reitangruppen’s cultural and financial center. REMA 1000, Reitan Convenience, and Reitan Kapital has its operational center in Oslo, while Reitan Eiendom is based in Trondheim. Uno-X Energy is based in Oslo and Copenhagen.

Reitangruppen had a turnover in 2019 (including franchise sales) of 97 billion NOK, and employs over 38,000 people in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.