The Reitan Family

REITAN is owned by the Reitan family. Odd Reitan, together with his two sons, Ole Robert and Magnus run the company.

Odd Reitan (born 1951) is CEO and Chairman of the Board of the parent company REITAN, as well as Chairman of the Board for all other business areas. He has been a merchant all his life and he got his formal education at Norges Kjøpmannsinstitutt – now Norges Varehandelshøyskole (Commodity Trade Management). After graduating he opened his first store in 1972. It was called “Sjokkpris” (Shock Prizes) – and he opened the first REMA 1000 store in 1979.

Ole Robert Reitan (born 1971) is CEO and head of REMA 1000 AS. This means that the CEOs of REMA 1000 Norway and Denmark, as well as CEO of REMA Industries, report to him. Ole Robert is educated at Norges Markedshøyskole – now Handelshøyskolen BI (Norwegian Business School), and began his career in REMA 1000 in 2001 as Marketing Director. Ole Robert is Member of the Board of REITAN.

Magnus Reitan (born 1975) is CEO and head of REITAN KAPITAL. Magnus is educated at Norges Handelshøyskole (Norwegian School of Economics), Handelshøyskolen BI (Norwegian Business School and Florida International University in the US. Magnus has formerly been working as CFO for REITAN, CEO of Reitan Invest and Allegro Finans ASA. Magnus is Member of the Board of REITAN.

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  • 2/37-Eleven og Magnus Reitan ble i 2013 tildelt Brobyggerbedriftsprisen for sitt arbeid med inkludering og integrering i arbeidslivet.
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