The Årets Ladejarl award 2018

All of Norway’s Snapchat nurse is named Årets Ladejarl 2018

The Årets Ladejarl value award is given to Tale Maria Krohn Engvik, also known as Helsesista. The winner has revolutionised her own profession and become a public health nurse for the entire country. Through her Snapchat profile «Helsesista», Tale Maria has gained 40,000 followers, mainly young people aged 13-19, where followers may ask questions in a simple and safe way.

«This year’s winner is breaking new ground and showing great courage. She is brave enough to revolutionize her own profession with wisdom, strong values and modern technology. A digital public health nurse is really both a logical and timely initiative. We need to be where young people are to reach out to them,» Odd Reitan says.

Helsesista conveys important knowledge in a direct, honest and simple way. Through Snapchat, Tale speaks of topics such as body image, personal boundaries, pressure, alcohol, sex, loneliness and self-esteem.

«This year’s winner, «Helsesista,» speaks with warmth and lots of humour. She has the courage to be there for the young, and challenges the public nurse role in an exemplary way. We can all loosen our collars more and speak to people’s hearts. That is what Tale Maria does live on Snapchat every day, speaking to our young, and for this she deserves our recognition,» Reitan continues.

A strong wish to reach out to young people to create value-based effects

The idea of Helsesista came up after eight years of bad conscience in her job as an ordinary public health nurse. Traditionally, young people get advice and support within short office hours, and the students often feel it is hard to find out when she is present. The solution: Seeking up youth where they are, i.e. on Snapchat. At the most, she gets 130,000 viewers in one day.

«Some have described internet and social media as a party in the middle of the darkest, most gloomy back street in the middle of the night. All grown-ups have left the party, and children and young people are left alone. I want to be there for them. I never judge them, no matter what they tell me. I meet them with respect, understanding, warm (digital) hugs and a lot of hearts – always,» says Tale Maria Krohn Engvik.

The jury’s assessment

The Årets Ladejarl award winner has a way of recognising the individual, listening, sympathizing, and inspiring trust. The «Årets Ladejarl» award winner talks with – not about – people, and sees opportunities instead of limitations.

The winner is a kind-hearted person who has revolutionized a whole profession through use of simple technology, humourous informality and solid professional expertise.

Through social media, you have met young people, mainly aged 13-19, giving them the opportunity to ask you about sexuality, anxiety, family relations etc. in a simple and safe way. You are positive and determined in your strive to improve mental health among Norwegian youth.

Every day, you provide an information channel for young boys and girls where they can experience understanding and find answers to their problems. In addition to answering questions about sexuality, you strive to make young people feel greater self-confidence in these social media times. Through your channels, young people learn that life can be hard, but also that there are others experiencing the same, and that there is help to be found.

In a simple and direct language, you speak of big and small issues that young people take an interest in, of joys and sorrows, and you love to speak about taboo subjects which other grown-ups may feel are hard to discuss with youngsters.

You are a human being, for better and worse, personal, but not private. Du are full of feelings, of positive power, love, and the ability to find solutions. You have a way of creating a sense of closeness in digital communication.

The award is given for the seventh time

The «Årets Ladejarl» value award is presented on 11 September each year at Lade Gaard in Trondheim, Norway. Previous winners are Helga Arntzen, Anlov P. Mathiesen, Atle Vårvik, Per Solli, Johann Olav Koss and Ada Sofie Austegaard.


  • 1/8Colonialmajor Odd Reitan og Årets Ladejarl 2019, Helle Aanesen.
  • 2/8Odd Reitan og vinner av Årets Ladejarl 2018, Helsesista Tale Maria Krohn Engvik
  • 3/8Odd Reitan og Årets Ladejarl 2017, Ada Sofie Austegard.
  • 4/8Odd Reitan og Årets Ladejarl 2016, Johann Olav Koss.
  • 5/8Odd Reitan og vinner av Årets Ladejarl 2015, Per Solli.
  • 6/8Odd Reitan og vinner av Årets Ladejarl 2014, Atle Vårvik.
  • 7/8Odd Reitan og vinner av Årets Ladejarl 2013, Anlov P. Mathiesen.
  • 8/8Odd Reitan og vinner av Årets Ladejarl 2012, Helga Arntzen.