An investment company, working to secure and develop REITAN’s financial values through a diversified and global financial portfolio.

REITAN KAPITAL is one of three business areas in REITAN, and is led by Magnus Reitan.

REITAN’s surplus liquidity is currently managed professionally through Reitan Kapital. The company’s mandate is to secure and develop financial values for REITAN alongside the other existing business areas. These values shall help ensure the group’s financial strength and sustained operations as a family business, secure jobs and opportunities for future investments in our core activities, and also function as a financial buffer in difficult times.

Magnus Reitan has worked with finance and investments for many years, including the establishment and operation of Allegro Kapitalforvaltning (currently Sparebank 1 Kapitalforvaltning), the establishment and operation of Reitan Invest, and as CFO of Reitangruppen. In addition, he has experience from the retail part of the business, as manager of REITAN CONVENIENCE.