We seek talented and dedicated people


Working in REITAN requires that you are solution-oriented and decisive. We want REITAN to be a symbol of common sense, simplicity, unsnobbishness and skill. In REITAN, it’s not embarrassing to do things the simple way – it’s ingenious. We focus on the ability to perform. Decisions should be put into practice.

REITAN’s operations, including franchisees, employ more than 38 000 people in seven countries. We are among the ten largest companies in Norway and a prominent player in the European employment market. We do not employ people just for what they are, but for what they may become – in company with us.

During the last five years, we have been ranked among the top five large workplaces in Norway in a working environment survey performed by Great Place to Work Institute.


  1. We focus on our business idea
  2. We keep a high business moral
  3. We are committed to be debt-free
  4. We encourage a winning culture
  5. We have a positive and proactive mindset
  6. We talk with each other, not about each other
  7. The customer is our ultimate boss
  8. We want our work to be enjoyable and profitable
  Odd Reitan
People rarely succeed when they do something they don’t enjoy. Do what you love, and with zealous discipline.»
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