Uno-X Energi

Uno-X Energi aims to be a leading force in the development towards sustainable mobility, with an ambition to only sell renewable energy by 2040.

The energy company is Scandinavia’s most efficient supplier of fuels to private and commercial customers. The company structure consists of seven strong and independent subsidiaries, four in Norway and three in Denmark.

Uno-X Norge AS is the market leader in its segment, with a nation-wide network of self-service energy stations offering the cheapest local fuels. Some locations offer environmentally friendly car wash (Swan Ecolabel). YX Norge AS supplies the full-service station chains YX and YX 7-eleven with fuel. Self-service YX Truck stations strengthen the transport market network. In total, Uno-X Energi is the second largest company in the Norwegian road fuel market.

Uno-X Danmark A/S sells fuels from a national network of self-service energy stations, and is the market leader in its segment. Customers can simply and efficiently tank the cheapest local fuel. Some locations offer car wash. YX Danmark A/S operates a nation-wide YX Truck chain tailored to the transport industry, and markets and sells fuels and heating products to private and commercial customers.

High-quality Texaco lubricant products are marketed and sold by the YX Smøreolje companies in Norway and Denmark. These companies also offer food-grade products from Anderol and environmentally considerate oils from Panolin.

Uno-X Energi aims to gradually replace the fossil ingredients of its fuels with renewable energy. The goal is to offer only renewable energy by 2040. The company is against palm and soy oil as fuel ingredients, and chooses the most climate beneficial raw materials in its biofuels. The initiative to offer environmentally friendly (Swan Ecolabel) car wash further contributes to protection of our climate and environment.

Through a broad bicycle commitment, Uno-X hopes to inspire more people to use bicycles in their everyday lives, which can help reduce CO2 emissions and improve public health. The Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is owned and run by Uno-X, and is the first male pro cycling team in Norway. From 2022, there will also be a World Tour team for women. The cyclists are ambassadors for cycling, both in sports and transport. Another great commitment in sports is YX’ cooperation with the Norwegian biathlon association. The Uno-X companies believe strongly in the power of good role models, and want to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Since 2010, Uno-X has been the main partner of the social and life skill development organisation MOT.

Uno-X Energi reports on the GRI and CDP sustainability standards, in addition to selected UN sustainable development goals.

Uno-X Energi has supplied fuels and lubricant products to the market for more than a century. The history started in the early 1900s with Hydro (1905) and Texaco (1902). In 1995, Hydro Texaco was established after a merger of Hydro Olje and Texaco in Norway and Denmark. In 2006, Reitangruppen acquired the shares of the Hydro Texaco companies in Norway and Denmark, and in 2009, a focused structure with separate companies for each business area was established.



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  • 4/8YX 7-Eleven Sonsveien
  • 5/8 YX Smøreolje
  • 6/8Uno-X Pro Cycling Team 2020
  • 7/8Uno-X Nittedal
  • 8/8YX Truck Sonsveien