REMA 1000 Norway

Keep it simple. REMA 1000’s philosophy is based on the principle that few people should make many decisions. REMA 1000 aims to be the symbol of common sense, down-to-earth and unpretentious thinking, and skill. At REMA 1000, it’s not embarrassing to do things the simple way – it’s ingenious.

REMA 1000 is one of four concept companies in Reitan Handel, and comprises the operations of REMA 1000 in Norway. Since 1970, REMA 1000 has offered its customers all over Norway a variety of high-quality groceries at low prices.


Our business idea: “Customers choose us because we always offer the lowest price on high-quality products, produced and sold in a responsible way.”

REMA 1000 Norge AS’ head office is located in Oslo, and the company has regional offices and distribution centres all over the country. The head office’s responsibilities comprise shared marketing and procurement, financial services and IT, in addition to operation, establishments and central support functions.

The regional offices provide services to the shops located in the region. By having skilled and right-minded people, doing the right things and having fun, REMA 1000 has succeeded in creating a robust business which is profitable, not only for its shopkeepers and the company – but also for the customers.


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