REMA 1000 Denmark

REMA 1000 Denmark is a national discount chain, aiming to deliver quality at the lowest price.

The first two REMA 1000 shops opened in Denmark in April 1994, and there have been many shop openings since then. Today, REMA 1000 has 350 shops in Denmark, all of which are operated based on the franchise model, with independent, local shopkeepers at the head of each store.

REMA 1000 in Denmark is much more than a collection of PLUs, we work with people – behind as well as in front of the checkout. A shopping experience is also a meeting between people. REMA 1000 aims to be the symbol of common sense, popularity and skill. In our opinion, it’s not embarrassing to do things the simple way – it’s ingenious.

To us, discount means the opportunity to sell high-quality goods at low prices. At REMA 1000, this means a combination of operational excellence and high volume. With a positive view of people, based on trusting each other, we are confident that we will succeed – together.

REMA 1000 aims to be recognised as the most value-driven company. That is why we continuously focus on our business idea, creating a culture where the customer is our ultimate boss. Our values guide us in what we do, and define who we are.

At REMA 1000 Denmark, we want to win, and we want to be best in our line of business. Our company should be characterised by employees with professional capabilities and strong intrinsic values. Our employees need to be competent and determined, and our working environment is characterised by loyalty, respect and a shared ambition to succeed.

We are more than 14,000 colleagues in REMA 1000 Denmark, and we are driven by our team spirit and our values. We help fight the battle to reduce food and plastic waste, and keep strong focus on health and the development of organic food. For example, we have an ownership interest in GRAM Castle, which is one of Denmark’s largest organic farms.

In 2019, 15.5 per cent of Danish groceries were purchased at REMA 1000. Our turnover the same year amounted to DKK 16.8 billion.


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