Reitan Convenience AS

One of Europe’s largest convenience companies.

Reitan Convenience is an influential convenience player in the Nordic and Baltic region, with more than 2,000 sales outlets in seven countries. Through well-known and well-established concepts such as Narvesen, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, R-kioski, Lietuvos Spauda, Northland and Caffeine, Reitan Convenience has acquired a market-leading position in all countries we operate in. In 2019, turnover totalled NOK 15.3 billion. The company is headed by Johannes Sangnes.

Narvesen is the kiosk with a capital K, and has been among the leading convenience companies in Norway for more than 125 years. The chain was established in 1894 by Bertrand Narvesen, and comprises more than 250 kiosks across Norway. Today, Narvesen is a modern convenience player, with a broad range of food and drinks, services and reading materials for people on the move. Narvesen also operates more than 250 sales outlets in Latvia and Lithuania.

7-Eleven is Scandinavia’s leading convenience chain, and has been present in Norway since 1986. Today, Reitan Convenience operates more than 400 7-Eleven shops in Scandinavia, centrally located in traffic hubs, in urban areas and along roads. The shops’ range of goods, opening hours and locations are aligned with customers’ need to get “anything, anytime, anywhere.”

The long-established Pressbyrån company is the leading player in the Swedish kiosk and convenience market, with outlets all over Sweden. Pressbyrån offers food and drinks, reading materials and services for people on the go. Through the use of newly developed technology, Pressbyrån opened its first unmanned shop, “Pressbyrån Go,” in 2020, bringing convenience to the next level for our customers.

Northland is a concept tailored to busy travellers. The chain offers high-quality food and drinks which are easy to bring along on a journey. Northland operates five outlets in Norway.

R-Kioski is the leading company in the Finnish convenience market. The popular and traditional chain is established in both Finland and Estonia, and comprises more than 550 shops.

Lietuvos Spauda means «Lithuanian Press», and was established in Lithuania in 1944. The chain, which was originally a pure newspaper and press distribution network, today sells food and drinks, coffee and various electronic services to people on the go. Lietuvos Spauda operates more than 100 stores in Lithuania.

Caffeine was established in Vilnius in 2007, and now operates more than 70 coffee bars in the Baltic countries. This makes Caffeine the largest coffee chain and a well-known brand in the Baltic region.

Reitan Convenience is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility in all our concept companies in all seven countries. Based on and guided by the UN sustainable development goals, we focus on making environmentally conscious decisions and building sustainable value chains in all parts of our operations.

In 2020, for the second year in a row, Reitan Convenience received the “Best ESG Convenience Retailer” in the Nordic and Baltic region award from

  • 1/10Narvesen
  • 2/107-Eleven
  • 3/10Narvesen
  • 4/107-Eleven
  • 5/10Northland
  • 6/10Caffeine Roasters
  • 7/10Narvesen
  • 8/10Narvesen
  • 9/10Narvesen
  • 10/10R-Kioski