Reitan Handel

Our retail business includes REMA 1000 Norway, REMA 1000 Denmark, Uno-X Energi and Reitan Convenience. Further referred to as Reitan Retail.

Reitan Retail includes brands within retail, convenience and fuel for customers in seven countries. Reitan Retail employs 38 000 people and comprises 3754 sales outlets in seven countries.

Reitan Retail will through its clear customer focus, strong values and solid, local leadership, be a leading company within retail in the Nordics and in the Baltics. We will build a stronger retail company, using the diversity of our concepts to develop even better shopping experiences, says Ole Robert Reitan, CEO, Reitan Retail.


REMA 1000 Norge AS, REMA 1000 Danmark AS, Reitan Convenience AS and Uno-X Energi AS represents the brands in Reitan Retail.

We want to be present where people are, offering favourable and relevant concepts. We want our customers to choose us because we are always at the right place at the right time, with high-quality products – which also leave our customers with a good conscience, Ole Robert Reitan says.


A more coordinated retail business will ensure that REMA 1000 is able to offer even lower prices, that our convenience stores can offer an even better range of foods, drinks and other relevant products for people on the move, and that Uno-X can reinforce its position as the most efficient and uncomplicated supplier of fuels and car wash.

Our concept companies:

REMA 1000 Norge and REMA 1000 Danmark are leading companies in organisation and operation of franchise-based retailing in the Scandinavian grocery market.

Reitan Convenience consists of Narvesen in Norway, Latvia and Lithuania, Pressbyrån in Sweden, 7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, R-kioski in Finland and Estonia, Lietuvos Spauda in Lithuania, Northland in Norway, and Caffeine in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Uno-X Energi is Scandinavia’s most efficient supplier of fuels to private and corporate customers.

We are, and will continue to be, an agile and efficient organisation. We have comprehensive experience from franchise operations and partnerships, independence and value-based leadership. We have proven time and time again that this generates considerable values, for customers as well as for partners, Ole Robert Reitan says.


Reitan Retail is strengthening its work on sustainability.
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  • 3/16
  • 4/16Narvesen
  • 5/16Narvesen
  • 6/16Narvesen
  • 7/16Narvesen
  • 8/167-Eleven
  • 9/167-Eleven
  • 10/16Pressbyrån
  • 11/16YX Truck Sonsveien
  • 12/16Uno-X Pro Cycling Team 2020
  • 13/16Uno-X Sandmoen
  • 14/16Uno-X Pro Cycling Team på treningssamling
  • 15/16YX 7-Eleven Sonsveien
  • 16/16 YX Smøreolje