Reitan Eiendom

Reitan Eiendom: Further referred to as Reitan Real Estate.

The business area is based in Trondheim, headed by managing director Ingolv Høyland.

Reitan Real Estate focuses on three priority areas:

  • City centre property in the Norwegian cities of Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo
  • Logistical and industrial property in Scandinavia
  • Commercial property in Scandinavia

City centre property

The EC Dahls Eiendom (ECDE) subsidiary has developed a considerable property portfolio in the centre of Trondheim. The company’s vision is “AiE”, meaning “all within the river.” ECDE is the largest private property owner in Midtbyen, the centre of Trondheim, with broad ownership of different types of property, such as offices, educational facilities, retailing, residential properties, hotels and restaurants.

Vestenfjeldske Eiendom in Bergen applies the same approach as ECDE in Trondheim. This subsidiary also owns a portfolio of first-class retail properties for REMA 1000 shops.

Reitan Real Estate aspires to strengthen its property position in the centre of Oslo.

Logistical and industrial property

Through the RELOG ownership interest in Login Parinvest and NHP Eiendom, Reitan Real Estate has acquired a considerable position in logistical and industrial property. Currently, most of the portfolio is located in Norway; however, the aim is to increase our presence in Sweden and Denmark. The companies are working on a number of development projects, and holds a substantial site portfolio.

Commercial property

Reitan Real Estate has two subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway each own a portfolio of high-quality retail properties for REMA 1000 shops. These companies make up the basis for an increased focus on such retail properties, and people related to REITAN will be invited to make an ownership investment in these companies.

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