In January 2021 we simplifyed our name from Reitangruppen to REITAN. Our new name reinforce the company identity and preserve roots and history.

We’re not forgetting where the adventure started: With O. Reitan Kolonial in Nonnegata, Trondheim, on the 2nd of May 1948.

«Keep it simple» forms the basis for our decision to change the logo and name of our parent company. REITAN works well in Trøndelag as well as internationally. We now have a presence in seven Nordic and Baltic countries, Odd Reitan says.

The first company was established in Trondheim by Ole and Margit Reitan, 72 years ago. Today, 44 per cent of our turnover stems from companies outside Norway.

REITAN (Reitangruppen) is a holding company exercising active ownership through independent business areas. From January 2021, REITAN will simplify its group structure, going from five to three business areas: REITAN HANDEL (Retail), REITAN EIENDOM (Real Estate) and REITAN KAPITAL.

REITAN HANDEL will become one of three independent business areas in REITAN, consisting of the concept companies REMA 1000 Norge AS, REMA 1000 Danmark AS, REITAN CONVENIENCE AS and Uno-X Energi AS. The company will be led by Ole Robert Reitan.

REITAN EIENDOM will be led by Ingolv Høyland, while REITAN KAPITAL will be led by Magnus Reitan, as before.

Odd Reitan is chairman of the board and managing director of the parent company REITAN and chairman of the board for the three individual business areas.