Press release

Reitangruppen to change its name and simplify group structure 

Reitangruppen, a holding company of Reitan’s businesses, will change its name to REITAN (using the legal name REITAN Holding AS) and simplify its structure from five to three business areas: REITAN HANDEL (Retail), REITAN EIENDOM (Real Estate) and REITAN KAPITAL (Asset Management).

The business area REITAN HANDEL (Retail) with REITAN HANDEL AS as the main company will include REITAN’s retail businesses operated by the subsidiaries REMA 1000 Norge AS, REMA 1000 Danmark AS, REITAN CONVENIENCE AS and Uno-X Energi AS. REITAN HANDEL AS will be led by Ole Robert Reitan.

REITAN HANDEL includes several strong brands, including REMA 1000, Narvesen, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, R-kioski, Lietuvos Spauda, Northland, Caffeine Roasters, Uno-X and YX. REITAN EIENDOM will be led by Ingolv Høyland and REITAN KAPITAL by Magnus Reitan.

REITAN is also in the early stages of exploring a potential listing and minority initial public offering of REITAN HANDEL AS. Goldman Sachs International and BAHR lawfirm are acting as advisors to REITAN.

For more information regarding REITAN please contact:
Berit Hvalryg
Press Officer, REITAN
Tel: + 47 480 04 446

For more information regarding REITAN HANDEL AS please contact:
Mette Fossum
Communications Manager, REITAN HANDEL AS
Tel: + 47 906 08 560