Our vision is to be recognized as the most value-driven company. REITAN is a holding company exercising active ownership through independent business areas. As owner, REITAN contributes developing the companies by being a force in working with strategy, structure, culture and financial standards.

REITAN has a presence in seven countries in the Nordic and Baltic region, and consists of three business areas: REITAN HANDEL, REITAN EIENDOM and REITAN KAPITAL. In addition, we are the proud owners of Britannia Hotel in Trondheim.

We are driven by our strong values, and work hard and continuously to realise our vision of becoming the most value-driven company. This is achieved by focusing on the business ideas within our concepts, and by maintaining and reinforcing a culture where the customer is always our ultimate boss.

REITAN’s head office is located at Lade Gaard in Trondheim, which is REITAN’s cultural and financial centre. REITAN HANDEL has its operative centre in Oslo, while REITAN EIENDOM is based in Trondheim.

REITAN had a turnover of 97 billion NOK (including franchise turnover) in 2019 and employs more than 38,000 people in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company is among the ten largest in Norway, and a considerable player in North European trade and industry.

Our business areas: 

REITAN’s vision is to be recognised as the most value-driven company.
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