Business Idea

Reitangruppen AS’ mission is to manage strong and independent business areas in retailing and real estate. The parent company Reitangruppen AS’ job is to build a strong culture, ensure that we have efficient structures and set the financial standards we should live by.

All areas of business in Reitangruppen operate and run independently. This makes us different. The role of the mother company Reitangruppen AS is to be a good owner. Reitangruppen is responsible for maintaining our philosophy and our culture – as well as handling finances. We will make sure that this permeates all areas of business.

The fundamental philosophy and values are the same in all our companies and areas of business. In Reitangruppen we do not have large staffs or departments. That makes us efficient.

Reitangruppen’s vision is to be recognised as the most value-driven company.
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