Business Areas

Reitangruppen comprises five business areas: REMA 1000, Reitan Convenience, Reitan Eiendom (Reitan Real Estate), Uno-X Energi (Uno-X Energy) and Reitan Kapital.

Reitangruppen’s head office is at Lade Gaard in Trondheim, our cultural and financial center. REMA 1000, Reitan Convenience and Reitan Kapital has its operational center in Oslo, while Reitan Eiendom is based in Trondheim. Uno-X Energy is based in Oslo and Copenhagen.




  • 1/6Selvbetjent Uno-X stasjon
  • 2/6Pressbyrån
  • 3/6
  • 4/6REMA 1000
  • 5/6
  • 6/6Vågsallmenningen 16 i Bergen

REMA 1000 AS consists of REMA 1000’s operations in Norway and Denmark. Since 1979, REMA 1000 has offered our customers a broad selection of quality groceries at the lowest prices in the market. The customer is our ultimate boss, and at the core of everything we do. We want REMA 1000 to be a symbol of common sense, simplicity, unsnobbishness and skill. In REMA 1000, it’s not embarrassing to do things the simple way – it’s ingenious. We treat our employees, suppliers, partners and customers in a proper way, do the right things, enjoy ourselves and work hard.

Reitan Convenience has 2,200 stores in seven countries, offering products and services the customers want, when they want them, and where they want them. Reitan Convenience is one of the largest convenience companies in Europe, and has a leading market position in all the countries we operate in.

The common target of Narvesen in Norway, Lithuania and Latvia, 7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Pressbyrån in Sweden, R-kioski in Finland, R-kiosk in Estonia, Lietuvos Spauda in Lithuania, Caffeine Roasters in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Northland in Norway, is to impress our ultimate boss, the customer.

Uno-X Energy is an energy company located in Denmark and Norway, specialising in marketing and sale of fuels and lubricants for commercial and private customers. Uno-X Energi has established a corporate structure proven to be robust and well-functioning. Today, Uno-X Energi consists of seven financially strong and well-functioning companies: Uno-X Danmark A/S, YX Danmark A/S and YX Smøreolie A/S in Denmark, and Uno-X Norge AS, YX Norge AS, Uno-X Forsyning AS and YX Smøreolje AS in Norway.

Reitan Eiendom, Reitangruppen’s real estate business, aims to own large property portfolios in the centre of Trondheim and Bergen, and a number of first-class REMA properties. In addition, the company engages in property development, emphasising urban restructuring, logistics and manufacturing. Reitan Eiendom consists of E. C. Dahls Eiendom, Vestenfjeldske Eiendom, REBUS Eiendom, Dora Holding, Login Eiendom, NHP Eiendom, Uno-X Eiendom and Reitan Ejendomsudvikling (Denmark).

Reitan Kapital is led by Magnus Reitan and shall safeguard and build financial values for Reitangruppen through a diversified and global financial portfolio, alongside our existing business areas. This will contribute to solidity and a long-term perspective for Reitangruppen as a family business, secure jobs and possibilities for future investments in the core business, as well as be an economic buffer in difficult times. Reitan Kapital was established in May 2016.

Britannia Hotel is a 150-year-old, international five-star hotel in Trondheim that reopened in 2019, following a comprehensive three-year total renovation. The renovation made the hotel a destination in its own town. You can read more about the hotel here.