Business Areas

REITAN is a holding company exercising active ownership through independent business areas. From January 2021, REITAN will simplify its group structure, going from five to three business areas: REITAN HANDEL (Retail), REITAN EIENDOM (Real Estate)  and REITAN KAPITAL.

REITAN HANDEL (Retail) includes brands within retail, convenience and fuel for customers in seven countries. Reitan Retail employs 38 000 people and comprises 3 754 sales outlets in seven countries. Read more about REITAN HANDEL (Retail).

REITAN EIENDOM (Real Estate) focuses on three priority areas:  City centre property in the Norwegian cities of Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo, Logistical, industrial  and commercial property in Scandinavia. Read more about REITAN EIENDOM (Real Estate).

REITAN KAPITAL is an investment company, working to secure and develop REITAN’s financial values through a diversified and global financial portfolio. Read more about REITAN KAPITAL.

In addition to our three business areas we have Britannia Hotel. Britannia Hotel is a 150-year-old, international five-star hotel in Trondheim that reopened in 2019, following a comprehensive three-year total renovation. The renovation made the hotel a populare destination in its own town. You can read more about Britannia Hotel here.

  • 1/6Selvbetjent Uno-X stasjon
  • 2/6Pressbyrån
  • 3/6
  • 4/6REMA 1000
  • 5/6
  • 6/6Vågsallmenningen 16 i Bergen